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​​Mac Speed & Strength has training classes for male and female athletes of any sport starting at Kindergarten.  Our main offering is group classes with no more than seven athletes to one coach. We strongly believe that training in a competitive environment generates better results and our classes are programmed accordingly.  Our facility has the quality equipment and space to ensure that no athlete should be more than three persons deep on any specific movement.  Because of this, we maximize the time spent training and not waiting for a turn.  


Our training program is designed to make athletes QUICKER, STRONGER, and FASTER.  We want our athletes to TRUST that their bodies will respond correctly in any athletic situation.  Athletes who TRUST their bodies play FASTER and BETTER than their competition.  

JOGGING IS NOT TRAINING.  Weight training (at the right age) is the only true way to be faster and more explosive.  Conditioning after practice improves endurance but improvement on the field is a result of work done while not on the field.  Our programming of controlled compound explosive movements, both body weight and with resistance, will accomplish that.  


The coaching staff of Mac Speed & Strength has over 35 years of experience training for maximum explosiveness in multiple sports.  WE WILL MAKE YOU FASTER, STRONG, AND A BETTER ATHLETE.  

We recommend athletes train 1-2x a week in season/school year and 2-3x a week in the off season/summer. 



Our classes are broken down by age groups.  Click on the age group for a link to purchase an 8, 12, 16, or 24 session package.    

Future Athletes - K-2nd and 3rd-5th Grade - sold as 2 sessions for $30 and 8 sessions for $120

- K-2nd Grade (Rising MACletes) 4pm Monday

- 3rd-5th Grade (Young MACletes) 4pm Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

Middle School - sold as 2 sessions for $50, 8 sessions for $200, and 16 sessions for $384

5:00-6:00om Monday through Thursday

High School - sold as 2 sessions for $50, 8 sessions for $200, and 16 sessions for $384

6:00-7:00pm Monday through Thursday and 10:30am on Saturday

Safety is our first priority and we always conduct age-appropriate resistance training in our classes.  All athletes will have a Training Maturity assessment in his/her first class.


For teams looking to train at Mac Speed & Strength, we do provide one hour blocks for exclusive access to the whole facility.  As always, the programming will be catered to the age and skills level of the athletes attending. Please email to schedule and for team rates.  For teams of 9 athletes or more, we will have two coaches for the 60 minutes.  

***No refunds after second session is used or 14 days have passed.  

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