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Mac Speed & Strength operates a 5,000 sq ft space that includes a 2,200 sq ft turf field and a 1,600 sq ft weight room allowing us to simultaneously train up to 20 athletes. We encourage parents to stay and observe their children's training and improvement.

Our large open turf area gives the coaches the opportunity to set up multiple work stations before sessions, facilitating faster-paced classes by spending less time on transitions. Our weight room has a free-standing rig with six squat stations, 18 barbells, 2,000 lbs of bumper plates, and dumbbells ranging from 5-100 lbs. 


The training sessions will utilize a combination of weighted sleds, foam ploy boxes, agility cones, medicine balls, jump ropes, and weight vests for our speed and agility work and the weights will be used according to age and skill level.  Mac Speed & Strength has the necessary tools to make any athlete more agile and more explosive.  


Our facility has four private bathrooms, two of which have showers to help our clients conveniently manage their busy school and workday schedules. We also ensure the environment temperature and humidity is adequately controlled by either air conditioning or heating, depending on the weather outside, to ensure peak training conditions.

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