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Nikki McCareins is the architect of Barbell Cardio™, Mac Speed & Strength’s Adult Athlete program.

What is Barbell Cardio™?

Nikki’s background as a level ten gymnast, a Division I sprinter and jumper, a fitness model competitor, a CrossFit athlete, and 15+ years of personal training have provided her with first-hand experience in almost every type of training methodology.  The result is a wide variety of high intensity workouts designed to increase strength while maintaining an elevated heart rate for maximum caloric burn. Barbell Cardio™ accomplishes this with a heavy emphasis on compound movements at a controlled pace.  

Why does Barbell Cardio™ work?

Studies have shown that isolation weightlifting for 60 minutes as the only exercise of the day will make it difficult to achieve a daily caloric deficit. Similarly, studies have shown that 60 minutes of cardio won’t lead to an increase in the resting metabolic rate.  A 60-minute Barbell Cardio™ class at Mac Speed & Strength will accomplish both. The programming is designed to burn 500-650 calories per class through four coordinated segments.   



Monday - 5:20am, 6:10am 7:10am, 12:00pm

Tuesday - 5:20am, 6:10am 7:10am, 12:00pm

Wednesday - 5:20am, 6:10am 7:10am, 8:30am, 12:00pm

Thursday - 5:20am, 6:10am 7:10am, 8:30am, 12:00pm

Friday - 5:20am, 6:10am 7:10am, 12:00pm

Saturday - 8:30am

Sunday - 8:30am

Click here to schedule your first class. 


Single Session - $15/class 

10 Pack - $140, $14/class 

30 Pack - $390 $13/class

2x a week - $117/month, $13.50/class

Unlimited - $169/month – less than $13/class  

Click here to schedule your first class. 

Our facility has four private bathrooms, two of which have showers, and a complimentary coffee machine to help our clients conveniently manage their busy workday schedules.

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