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Building more complete and confident athletes every day!


Introduction to MAC

   Young athletes are very often labeled as "good" or "bad" well before their bodies have developed.  Not every varsity athlete was the best player on his/her team at 11-years-old, and sometimes not even at 16-years-old.  Coaches (and unfortunately parents) at times overlook this, and can cause irreversible damage to an athlete’s confidence and psyche.   Our training sessions are focused on improving athletes' close quarters agility, jumping, and full body strength via sport agnostic movements and drills, with the end goal of creating a more confident and well-rounded athlete excited for competition!



   Our coaches have over 35 years of training with collegiate and professional strength coaches during their competitive years. They have invested time and effort in further educating themselves through classroom work and attending training symposiums. Our training sessions are energetic and efficient, utilizing movements, drills, and lifts that have been tested and perfected over years and years of application.  The programming is catered to the skill level and training maturity of the individual athlete. Our coaches will make athletes stronger, faster, more agile, and most importantly, more confident in future competition.    



    It is a priority to ensure that each athlete understands the importance of personal diet and provide guidance on well-balanced meals and also healthy snacks.  We understand that not every meal will be a perfect meal, but athletes need to know the impacts of their food choices on their training and performance. You get out what you put in. 


   Sleep is the often undervalued and overlooked component to performance.  Our coaches will constantly remind the athletes of the importance of sleep, both for school and for athletic performance. Additionally, preventative maintenance is something our coaches will stress to the athletes. Proper stretching takes minimal time but is very important.  Recovery takes effort and it is critical to any training program.









NIkki Deadlift.jpg


  • Lehigh University and Washington University in St Louis, Sprinter, Jumper, and Pole Vault

  • Top 200 in 2013 and 2015 CrossFit Open

  • ISSA - Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, and Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Mother of two

  • Mac Speed & Strength Owner

"As a very goal oriented person myself, I love setting up goals for members, both short and long term, and working together to achieve them."



  • University of Houston Track & Field (Pole Vault/Multi)

  • USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach

  • ISSA - Youth Fitness Certified

  • USA Track & Field National Champion (Pole Vault)

  • 2x Texas Track and Field State Finalist

  • Off-Road Enthusiast 

"As a coach, you will hear every excuse in the book. Nothing is of greater satisfaction than taking an athlete who is not confident in a movement, giving them the tools to improve and complete the movement, then watching them crush their own expectations." 

Jay Smile.jpg

  • Princeton University, football (CB/WR)

  • Free agent to the Arizona Cardinals and NFL Europe

  • ASFA Certified - Speed and Agility Instruction

  • Father of two

  • Mac Speed & Strength Owner

"I love being part of MAC for one reason, the positive attitude shared by the coaching staff and the athletes that walk through the doors.  There's one unified goal, to compete for sixty minutes and feel proud and accomplished after finishing a MAC workout."

AF for website_edited.jpg


  • University of North Texas - Bach Degree in Health Promotion

  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

  • ISSA - Certified Nutrition Coach 

"I became passionate about fitness in college when I picked up a love/hate of running. I did not grow up an athlete, but once I started becoming educated in all things health and fitness, I quickly realized where I belong. My passion and goal is to positively impact the lives of others to the best of my ability.  I strive to be a better version of myself everyday and want to encourage others to do the same." 



"When I started MAC, my third child was 6 months old and my goal was to lose weight and be a more health conscience role model for my kids. My previous workouts were inconsistent and mostly cardio based/running. I was a college athlete and have done both marathons and half-marathons, but hadn't regularly incorporated weight training into my fitness routine in over 15 years. With a disciplined diet and 2-3 MAC workouts a week, I lost 20 pounds in 4 months and gained a ton of muscle. I now work out at MAC 3-4 times a week and do cardio 2 additional days. Working out has become the thing I look forward to, my release, which has never been the case since I stopped playing competitive sports. I have never before pushed myself on strength exercises like I do today, and now I can lift more than I did in college. The structure of the MAC workout keeps you moving and burning the entire time, and makes me feel like an athlete again. I also like the camaraderie that comes from killing yourself for 60 minutes with a bunch of other people. When I walk in the door, I know I'm going to be challenged, burn calories, and have fun." 


Lindsay B. – Mother of three

Prior Training – Running/Cardio Machines

I started going to MAC at the beginning of summer and have loved every time I have gone because I know I'm getting better so I can put more effort in to the sport I love, lacrosse. I love how much all the trainers push me to get better and stronger and actually care about me. They text me all the time about how I'm doing after workouts, how my games and tournaments were, how my school visit went, etc. I can basically tell you why I go to MAC in one sentence. I believe MAC can make me the best athlete on the field.


Cody F – Lacrosse – Accepted Scholarship to Jacksonville University

"My goal coming to MAC was to be more balanced.   In the past I either focused on all lifting or all cardio (running) as it was hard to find the time or motivation to do both.   I wanted to get stronger and gain some muscle while not losing my cardio endurance.  My favorite part of MAC is that I don't have to think!   It's the one time of the day I can turn my brain off and just have fun.   I can get in and out in an hour and hit a full body workout both strength and cardio.   Everyone is pushed at the level that they can handle and it seems as if every workout is harder even though we are getting in better shape.  I purchased an unlimited contract for numerous reasons, with the main reason is because I knew it worked and that I would get in great shape if I continued to do it.  The second is the coaching and programming.  The coaches spend a lot of time with members showing ways to improve technique.  Every workout is well thought out and each group of exercises is done for a reason.   It's obvious workouts aren't just thrown together and copied from websites, but rather there is a reason why we are doing it.    All the coaches have been great with teaching technique and motivating.   The coaches really know each member and what their limits are and try to push them to it, but not past it.   One day I had a tight hamstring and didn't say anything and worked out like normal.  Coach Jerome instantly noticed this and changed up my workout where I still got a great workout, but put no pressure on my hamstring.   Had he not notice, I would have just pushed through it and probably made it worse.


I've been very happy with MAC and am excited to see where I can be in 6 months."


Brent L. – Father of two

Prior Training – CrossFit, Running, Traditional Lifting

I went to MAC to gain strength, speed, and increase my vertical jump.  I come to MAC 2-3x a week and after being at MAC for less than two months, I feel more confident and strong at the net and in long games I know I have more strength and endurance.  MAC has great instructors that make the workout fun!

Paige W – Volleyball – Accepted scholarship to Lock Haven University

I love MAC because they bring my game to another level.  The trainers push me harder than I thought I could be pushed.  Not only are they great people but also great trainers.  I will always go back because I have seen much improvement in my game and I don’t see it as a workout because they’ve made me enjoy the process of getting better.


Jaden O – Lady Wolves Basketball – Plano West ‘19

My goal coming to MAC was weight loss and body fat percentage improvement and improved Cardio.  After being at MAC and seeing improvement, my third goal was to look better physically.  The reason I came to MAC was post a review of my overall fitness progress and decided that I was no longer making progress just doing CrossFit so I decided to try out MAC over the summer by going 2 days a week to MAC and 3 days a week of CrossFit.  By just going 2 times a week I quickly began hitting new PRs in strength and cardio/engine CrossFit WODs.  Due to this, I decided to go full time at MAC because I feel like it gives me the best opportunity to continue improving.  My two favorite things are the coaches and knowing I will be working on strength and cardio every day.  The coaches are very engaged and concisely offer great advice.  The programming is a balanced of strength and cardio building movements plus you're guaranteed to have a great workout every day.


Tony G – Father of one

Prior Training – CrossFit 5x a week for three years and running

My goals throughout my time at MAC have been to gain size, speed, and strength, and become a healthier and better athlete overall. Training at MAC  is unlike training at any other gym. Every day you push yourself further than you did before. The intense daily workouts help to build toward my goals athletically.  Thanks to MAC I have more energy throughout the day at school and while playing in games. I feel that MAC has given me an extra step on my competitors which leads to success.  Jerome, Jay, Courtney, and Justin have all pushed me to become a better athlete and help me reach my goals. Throughout my short time of working out at MAC, I have actually surpassed all of the goals I’ve set.


Jack G – Lacrosse – Plano West ‘18

My son was referred to Mac Speed and Strength by his skills coach, Kyle Hartzell, to tune-up his quickness and build some strength and endurance to help him gain an advantage on the lacrosse field.

Within a short period of time, Jake has seen measurable increases in his quickness and strength. He benefits from the experience and training knowledge of the NFL player/trainers and loves the competitive atmosphere in the gym. He has quickly developed  the confidence that comes with getting stronger that extends well beyond sports.


"I really love how Jerome, Justin, and Jay at MAC push me to work beyond what I thought was possible for me... I have already noticed a big difference in my burst speed on the lacrosse field which is what will help me as an attackman to get that advantage over the defender."


Jake G – lacrosse, soccer, football – PCA ‘21

My two daughters, 15 and 9 are both regulars at Mac and absolutely love it!  It made my 15 year old more than ready for the intense conditioning that is legendary for Hebron High School Volleyball and has allowed my 9 year old to be quicker and stronger on the court, and the bonus is that it's fun!  As a working mom I’m even able to sneak in a few classes a week to the adult classes and my strength has increased 10x over… love it.   I would strongly recommend Mac Speed and Strength for adults and kids!

Adriane M - Mother of two

Prior Training - CrossFit and Cardio

My goal coming to MAC was weight loss, strength, and getting in the best shape of my life to have the energy to keep up with my child.  MAC is very different from anything I had ever done before. For the first time in a very long time I was enjoying my workouts and seeing results that I had been trying to achieve for so long.  I purchased the unlimited contract after my first 10 sessions because for the first time I believed I could accomplish my goals. The programming is outstanding.  Nikki's programming is different than any other I have tried and it works!!  Every workout has cardio, strength, conditioning, and core components.  You work hard for 50ish minutes and the gains are tenfold.  It's not about going beyond what you're capable of - it's about doing the work right so you are successful in your goals without injury.  The coaches, oh the coaches I cannot say enough to express how engaged and supporting they are to all the clients.  And, although it's a class you would never know it as each person gets such individualized attention. After training at MAC I have more energy, endurance, and my reflexes are quicker.  I find myself moving faster.


Corby C. – Mother of one

Prior Training – Boot Camps


Our Address:

3645 Dallas Parkway #599

Plano, TX 75093

*near Whiskey Cake and Sixty Vine, we share a wall with Parkway Tavern.


(m) 630 373 9861

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